Secure Online Lotto

Security Tips For Playing The Lottery

Do whatever you can to protect your privacy.

Try to remain anonymous and as much as you want to go running down the street yelling that you're a millionaire, you need to try to refrain from this and stay out of the public eye.

So, what to do once you've won? The first thing you should do is sign the back of your ticket, otherwise, anyone could steal it and sign their name on it and then there is nothing you can do to prove that it is your ticket. They can claim the prize, fly to the Seychelles and blow the cash, all totally legal.

Once you have signed your ticket, ensure that you keep it safe from water, fire, little children by putting it in a safety deposit box before you claim your prize. You'll want to hire a well respected lawyer, one which is accustomed to handling trusts and estates, it is worth it in the long run in order to ensure you get the maximum pay out from the lottery.

Be prepared for loads of media exposure.

Be prepared for a media onslaught, the lottery will release your name, city and state and also the exact amount which you have won to the media.

It would be wise to rent a hotel room or house for a few days until the legalities are sorted out. This helps you to remain stress free and safe from people who might have found out where you live. Change your cellphone numbers and possibly also your email address. Change your phone numbers, and your e mail addresses, and take down your social media profiles. Let your employees know what your movements are going to be on a need to know basis, if you plan on staying at your job that is.

Have a strategic plan for addressing family and friends.

It is important to have a plan of action set in place for how you will address this with family and friends to avoid cases where jealousy may set in.

Plan for the future.

It us important to plan for the future because money is finite, and winning the lotto is a one-time event. By winning the Lotto, you are essentially set for life, if you make some smart decisions. You should treat the money as all your family will need for the rest of your lives. This way the money will last and you will live comfortably. There are various investments and savings accounts which can be used to accrue interest – unless you plan on going back to work.

Don't Keep all your eggs in one basket.

What do we mean by this you may ask? Well, in essence it means that you should have your money in different accounts, offshore for example in a different country which can make you more money in the long-run. This is done by turning some of winnings into an annuity, so that it generates a safe stream of income over your remaining lifespan.