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Join the Worlds Biggest Raffles Online

Did you know that's not only lotteries that are taking the online world by storm, but multi-million dollar raffles are also making a storm and making people all around the world incredibly rich! Now you can play raffle like the Loteria Nacional or the Spanish Summer Raffle from your own country thanks to online ticket agents.

These raffles only happen once or twice a year, so make sure you get your entries before all the tickets are sold out. Instead of buying tickets online, players need to buy "shares" in a ticket with a predetermined set of numbers. Raffles are unlike lotteries in that you don't actually choose your lucky numbers, but rather pick a raffle ticket with numbers that are picked on the night of the draw.

Online raffles also offer much better chances at winning than raffles, with some have 1-in-3 chances at winning a cash prize. Another big draw for playing raffles online is the sheer size of the prize. Cash amounts are paid out from prize pools upwards of a billion pounds or dollars and the raffle jackpot could easily net you millions. The lower prize tiers are also life-changing and remember, you have a much better chance at winning a raffle prize than you would at playing the lottery or other casino-style games.

Remember that raffles aren't like online lotteries, they only take place once or twice a year. You can remember to play in your favourite raffles online by subscribing to our newsletter which you will find all of the information regarding raffle prize and dates.