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The most famous lottery in Brazil, created in 1996, the Mega-Sena is already part of the lives of many Brazilians and Brazilian popular culture itself. In more than 20 years the Mega-Sena has made countless millionaires throughout the country. Managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, Mega-Sena has two weekly draws in addition to the year-end draw (A Mega da Virada). In commemorative weeks like for example women’s week, there are special sweepstakes draws.

Mega-Sena Lottery

To participate in the draw of the Mega-Sena is simple, you can choose from 6 to 15 dozens in the 60 dozen at the wheel. The maximum prize is paid to those who hit the 6 dozen raffled, for hits of 5 (quina) and 4 (square) dozens there is also premium payment with smaller amounts apportioned among the bettors.

The more lines that you buy, the greater the chance of winning any one of the amazing cash prize tiers! The lotto player can choose to play as many times as they wish, with as many different number combinations on as many tickets as they want.

The different prizes on offer will be awarded depending on how many numbers the player matches. Four number matches wins a certain amount, and five number matches will win you even more!

Mega-Sena Accumulated

The Mega-Sena continues to roll over until someone hits the jackpot, that means that the jackpot keeps growing and growing until it is won!

At the end of the year there is the great Mega-Sena da Virada where the prize does not roll over and 5% of every Mega Sena draw thoughout the year goes towards this jackpot, the Mega da Virada draw happens for an entire week.

Mega-Sena Draw

The Mega Sena online is tracked and records are kept of each and every draw. When you play Mega Sena online we keep a extensive record of every number combination that you have ever played!

Check back on your lucky numbers to see which numbers have won you the most!

Mega-Sena Results

All of the Mega Sena results are posted onto our website, and you will be notified via email if you ever win a cash prize, and if you win the jackpot we will contact you personally! Remember, cash prizes expire after a certain number of days so remember to collect!

How to play on Mega-Sena Online

To make playing online lotto even easier, you can play from the comfort of your own home. We offer the Mega Sena and plenty of other exciting lotto games online for you to choose from.

Days and times of the Caja Mega-Sena draw

The draws are always held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, traditionally at 8 pm Brasília time. It is held in different capitals throughout Brazil.