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About Canada Lotto 649

This game is 1 of 3 games that are based in Canada. It first game to play the 12th of June 1982. This draw was one of the first that allowed you to select your own winning numbers, unlike the others the pre-printed it for you. The draw is held every Wednesday and Thursday evening, giving you more of an opportunity to become on of their lucky jackpot winners. The largest jackpot for this draw to date was a massive $64 million that was for the draw set on 17th October 2015. The jackpot for this draw begins at $5 million.

How to play Canada Lotto 649

In order to play this jackpot game you have to purchase your ticket either online or at a retail store, then you have to select 6 digits from 1 to 49. You can either select the numbers yourself or you can let the machine do it for you. Additional to the Lotto 649 draw is another draw but with this draw you are guaranteed a prize but you have to select 10 digits and can therefore win up to $1 million cash prize. Also you are advised to sign the back of your ticket so that you can protect yourself if you perhaps lose your ticket so that if you are a winner your cash prize will not be able to get claimed by someone else and only you because the ticket contains your signature and your information.

More on Canada Lotto 649

With lotto 649 you have got the option of playing for future draws and it allows you to purchase for those draws in advance. That way you are guaranteed not to miss out on any of the draws and you can therefore always stand a chance on winning mega jackpot prizes. When you are a winner you have to fill in your ticket and sign the back of it, ticket. Then if your cash prize is under $1000 you can therefore claim it at a retail store, they will then scan it for you and your winning balance will be printed out onto the ticket. If it it over $1000 you can then have the option of receiving your ticket in the mail or go to the prize centre. If you’ve won over that amount you will therefore have to go to the prize centre or have the option of it getting mailed to you. The odds of one winning aren’t very high but play the right strategy and right numbers the stakes of you becoming one of the winners are going to be higher than what it was. To win just any prize with this jackpot draw the odds are very high.

Another additional when playing Lotto 649 you could purchase Encore for extra when purchasing your lottery ticket. This feature allows and also offers you the opportunity of winning up to $1 million when playing. A tip of advice when purchasing and you have selected your numbers and it has been printed out ensure and check your ticket so that it isn’t invalid and that there aren’t any extra markings on it so that if you are a winner then everything is in order.