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About Euromillions

This mega jackpot draw takes place across 9 different countries around the world. It had officially came to light in 2004 on the 7th of February. The first draw took place 6 days later on the 13th of February 2004 in Paris,France. The draw takes place on a Tuesday and on a Friday evening in France which its giving you the opportunity so that your name can be on one of the Euromillions winners. This jackpot has a minimum winning prize that’s ensured and guaranteed starting at $17 million which usually has a roll over and the prize then builds up to a whopping $190 million.Press Release goes in here.

How to play Euromillions

In order to stand a chance in winning the mega jackpot prizes you are required to select 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and then another lucky number between 1 to 12. If you match all those numbers including the jackpot number you will then become an instant winner. If you’re not wanting to choose your own digits you can let the computer or the system select the numbers for you,which it randomly chooses any number. Also when purchasing and selecting your numbers you have got the option of entering and purchasing tickets for more than just one draw. When purchasing tickets for future draws in advance discounts are also offered. But what you are unable to do is purchase a ticket for a draw that is in 7 or 8 weeks time but not purchasing a ticket for the draws the before that the system will not allow you to do that. When purchasing your ticket online you will then have to fill in your details which if you are a winner or would like to be notified about draws that are taking place,they will be able to contact you via email or so forth.

More on Euromillions

The tip to playing this game is that you should keep entering and playing the game even though you are not winning. If the numbers that you have selected are not coming up then in the following draws the numbers that haven’t came up are most likely to then come up. Also you stick to your strategy that you are playing, but when selecting your numbers you should avoid choosing birthday dates and numbers that have a certain meaning because if you do you are then most likely to be choosing the same numbers as another winner and then end up sharing the prize money with somebody else. When selecting your numbers you should do your research on what numbers have and haven’t come up so that you’ve got an idea of what to play and what not to play. You should also differentiate between choosing even and odd numbers because just choosing one certain type of a number will slimmer your chances of winning the mega jackpot also if you’re lucky and you choose just even numbers you have got more of a chancing of sharing the prize money with another winner that might have chosen the same winning digits that you have chosen.

Some EuroMillions Winners

Husband and wife, Dean and Stella Hardman refuse to let winning the Lottery make them leave their prize possession, “The Crown Inn”. Couple, Dean and Stella Hardman, owners of the Crown inn explain why they are still working in their family pub. Stella explains the night they won with a smile on her face, “It was just a regular night with the locals, Dean was on the other side of the table and we were all checking our tickets as the draw was done on television.” Stella says that Dean nearly decided not to buy a ticket because it was raining so hard that day. Despite the rain, Dean made a 300 yard dash to the corner store which was probably the best decision he had ever made.

The couple say that they had only ever played the Lotto a few times before they won and that they decided to play the Euromillions because of the size of the jackpot. The jackpot was a roll-over and amounted to the value of £125 million, which had to be won that night. Deans Lucky dip numbers all came up and only one of his bonus star balls, but that was enough for them to win big! The first thing Dean did after winning? He went to watch Bury Football Club. He says that it was all a bit of a daze for him. And Stella? she was stuck at the pub cooking burgers for a 60th birthday buffet. But why are they still at the pub after almost a decade? “We love it.” said Stella. Simple as that! Dave is still making last minute runs to the shop to buy tickets. “I bought eight lucky dips, won £3.10 on one and £17 on the other a few weeks ago,” he jokes. Not quite as successful as the rainy day that they won though.


Euromillions Superdraws are normal Euromillions draws but with Giant Jackpots that happen several times a year to commemorate a specific European significant historical event. These draws typically attract Jackpots in excess of 100 million euros and are available to people throughout the European Union. You can find out more about the EuroMillions SuperDraw page with full info on the upcoming SuperDraw or visit the specialist EuroMillions Syndicate for UK players website for more information.