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Free lotto is hardly a new idea, however there are a lot of sharks in the world of free online lotteries. That's why we're here to help you get the best of the best, and help you find a site where you actually stand a chance on winning a multi-million dollar prize!

Free Lotto Fest is the world's premium lottery site for players who don't want to risk their own cash but still want to play for multi-million dollar draws. The company backing Free Lotto Fest is an established brand in the online lottery world, and are eager to bring their first totally free online lottery game to players all around the world. Free Lotto Fest is not only completely free to play, but also only takes a few minutes to sign up for before you get to play for multi-million jackpots!

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Free Lotto Fest haven't given away their grand prize yet because not enough players have joined the service. Your chances at winning on Free Lotto Fest have never been better.

Some facts you should know about Free Lotto Fest are:

  • Players need to choose six different lucky numbers for each draw.
  • You get seven chances every day to play for multi-million jackpots
  • You can take advantage of their subscription service which will automatically enter you into all seven draws every day and are automatically notified of any winnings.
  • You can pick your lucky numbers using the Quick Pick or Manual options
  • There are multiple prize tiers meaning that even if you don't win the jackpot you still stand a chance of winning other big cash prizes everyday