Safety Online, Secure Websites

When it comes to ‘gambling’ online or playing Lottery online, there is a a lot of scepticism around that, given that there are so many fake sites out there ready to steal from you.

The internet is filled with a vast amount of information and opens up a whole new world to us. But with all the glorious clicking and memes online, we have to wonder, “What could possibly go wrong?”.

Well, this is where hard facts come into play, because in reality, the internet is not the safest place, especially when it comes to online gambling and online lottery. These days, doing transactions or purchases online is extremely risky, but when it comes to online lottery or gambling, there are a ton of fake websites on the web ready to steal your money and con you into thinking you’ve won and unbelievable amount of money.

Safety online is extremely important if you do online gambling, so take those moments to validate a “sketchy” looking website or protect your device/s with some sort of anti-virus software to help protect you from threats online.

Heads of the National Lottery plan to make it easier to win the Lottery

The Camelot firm has released a statement indicating that lottery ticket prices have fallen by 3.2 percent in the past 6 month to September compared to ticket sales last year.

After Camelot had increased ticket prices, and made it harder to win the jackpot, there had been an outcry of fed-up ‘punters’. With the increase in ticket prices and the chances of winning the jackpot made smaller, ticket prices over the last 6 months have decreased, leaving heads of the National Lottery to appoint a new Chief Executive to bring about changes to get business back on track.

Although the newly appointed Chief Executive understands the challenges ahead and knowing that it will take some time for things to turn around, plans have been set in motion to sell tickets at self-service checkouts in Supermarkets and at discount stores as well.

To find out more information about this, visit The Sun and view the complete article.